Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Birds

Often when im in the mood to draw some characters or something I end up looking to fashion sites for some inspiration and interesting ideas.  I think I started doing this after reading Otomo talk about gaining inspiration from fashion mags etc..  Often, in an ditch effort to make things interesting, I end up drawing ideas from some pretty unwearable high-fashion lines, but i came accross this line today by Nicholas K that is absolutely amazing - not soley for design inspiration, but also because I think it's one of the nicer clothing lines I've seen in a long while. And with shopping online available soon, I just might have killed two birds with one stone! Check out the Fall 2009 line by Nicholas K here.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grampa's safety "goggles"

Alright check this out - I found these in my basement the other day.  Are these not the dopest pair of safety glasses you've ever seen? *Note the side-guards. In all seriousness, these so-called "goggles" are of the same quality as the SALT frames I wear every day.  They even inset the little AO symbol in each corner of the frame just so you look fresh to death while jackhammering.   

And check out this case!  Aluminum lined  with red fabric .  This might as well read: "DON THESE FRAMES, PROTECT YOUR FRESHNESS"

Small Sketch Dump Cont'd

Random key poses~

Small Sketch Dump

Alright, here's some sketches done recently (except for the last one which was done a good while back). I nearly always draw characters but I think I should start working on some more environments and stuff. And yes - that is the space suit from ugly

Monday, August 10, 2009

Escaping The Virtual Bin

This is one of the relatively few drawings I did in photoshop recently.  I have a fascination with character design - which is not to say that I'm terribly knowledgable or even remotely good at it! In the future perhaps!~

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Blog - Hopes

Created this page PRIMARILY to post sketches of mine that very quickly find their way to the trash bin.    Whenever I get photoshop there should be a significant reduction in the amount of canadian lumber needed to produce paper...until then I will [maybe] do my best to spam this blog with drawings. Lets see how it goes!